Why I Write

There are many articles and blogs out there, so why I write? And who am I, anyway?

As weird as it sounds (in your head when you read it), I want to track down my thoughts. I want to see how I developed my ideas, how far I go, what I experienced through life (because, damn brain) and probably just a channel for my ego that I hope I can suppress over time.

At first, of course, I was afraid. I keep thinking about what kind of value I can bring here. Whether it will be trash on the world wide web or is it a treasure for some. I also assume myself a pretty dull and fearful person, so by writing blogs, article, journal or whatever you call it, I might slightly push myself to the edge and try new things just for the sake of giving colours to my life.


What would people find here?

I’m afraid I can’t promise anything. Probably related to anything that sparks my interest. Those are perhaps about lifestyle (living alone), health, skin/body care, productivity, books, personal tips (won’t be that much, I guess), and fragrance because I’m a #fraghead. Well, although the fragrance is an exciting topic, it’s hard to write or read about because your computer screen isn’t scratch and sniff—also because I can’t talk about base notes or top notes without feeling like a fancy sommelier.


What would people NOT find here?

Something private, personal life. Topics like relationship, religion, politics, anything that too sensitive to discuss in an open platform like this. There will be some pics, maybe, but won’t be many details as no one will find it exciting but me and my closest (or so I thought). These things are too personal, and I’m afraid it would only draw something we don’t need.


This blog also becomes my training ground. Let’s hope that I can find interesting topics to write here so I can keep writing and you can keep reading something informative too.

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